For Students of Class X


One Year Program


Program Contents

  • Comprehensive Study Material divided into 3 phases
  • Computer Based Junior All India Test Series
  • Phase Tests & Problems Package
  • myPAT- Online Test Series

Why You Need Junior Rankers Study Material ?

  • Ideal for students who wish to start early in their quest for a seat at the IITs.
  • Students enrolled in this program will have more time to clear their fundamentals and practice extensively for their ultimate goal-JEE Advanced.
  • The study material has been designed to enhance the problem solving skills and analytical abilities of the student which not only helps Students to improve upon school studies but also empowers them to shine in Jr. Science/Math Olympiad and develop strong foundation for JEE (Advanced & Main) / KVPY / Olympiads / NTSE / Other Competitive Entrance Exams from Class X onwards.
  • Students who qualify various stages of Junior Science/Math Olympiad are given classroom support as well as support through Mock Tests for the next stages of the Olympiads.
  • All the students are given support for preparation of State Level Scholarship exam (if any).
  • Meticulous preparation of the students for delivering a remarkable performance in NTSE- a major milestone in class X.
  • myPAT helps students to become proficient in their concepts with effective test analysis.
  • It covers subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social Studies and Mental Ability for NTSE level.
  • Junior All India Test Series an essential part of this program, consists of 2 Part Tests (1 on Class IX +1 on Class X syllabus) and 3 Full Tests (including OPEN TEST) on Class IX + X syllabi will be conducted between November - February. These Tests are Computer Based Tests conducted at selected Test Centres.
  • Phase Test on Phase (I+II+III) combined.


Eligibility Criterion

Students of Class X aspiring to excel in School Exams, Jr. Science / Math Olympiad to build strong foundation for JEE (Advanced & Main) / KVPY / Olympiads / NTSE / Other Competitive Entrance Exams.

Fee of Junior Rankers Study Material (Jr.RSM) Foundation Competitive Exams 2024:

Books Fee(in Rs) Computer Based
Junior All India Test Series Fee(in Rs)
Online Test Series Fee(in Rs)
Total Fee payable
(in Rs)
27th Dec 2020 - 31st March 2021 6000 4000
(3390 + 610 (18% GST))
(2966 + 534 (18% GST))
1st April - 30th May 2021 6500 4000
(3390 + 610 (18% GST))
(2966 + 534 (18% GST))
1st June - 20th Nov 2021 7000 4000
(3390 + 610 (18% GST))
(2966 + 534 (18% GST))

You will receive the first packet of Books (Phase-I Study Material) in April / May.

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Syllabi of Junior All India Test Series for Class X

Part Test – I
1. Polynomials and HCF and LCM of polynomials
2. Number System, Indices, Surds, Logarithms
3. Lines & Angles
4. Triangles
5. Coordinate geometry
6. Heron’s formula
7. Linear Equations in Two Variables
8. Quadrilaterals
9. Area of parallelograms and triangles
10. Circles
11. Surface area and volumes
12. Statistics
13. Probability
1. Motion, Uniform, Non uniform (Accelerated)
2. Forces and Laws of motion
3. Gravitation
4. Work, Energy & Power
5. Sound
6. Fluids
1. Matter in Our Surrounding
2. Is matter around us pure?
3. Atoms and Molecules
4. Structure of Atom
1. The Fundamental Unit of Life
2. Tissues
3. Improvement in Food Resources
4. Natural Resources
5. Diseases: Why do we fall ill
6. Diversity in Living Organism
Part Test – II
1. Real Numbers
2. Polynomials-2
3. Linear Equations in Two Variables-2
4. Similar triangles
5. Trigonometry
6. Application of Trigonometry
7. Statistics-2
8. Quadratic equations
9. Arithmetic progression
10. Tangent to a circle
11. Probability-2
12. Coordinate geometry-2
13. Areas related to circles
14. Surface area and volumes-2
1. Electricity
2. Magnetic effects of electric current
3. Light, Reflection and refraction
4. The Human Eye & The Colourful World
5. Sources of Energy
1. Chemical Reactions & Equations
2. Acid, Base and Salts
3. Metals and Non-Metals
4. Carbon and its compounds
5. Periodic Classification
1. Nutrition and respiration
2. Transportation and Excretion
3. Control and Co-ordination
4. Reproduction
5. Heredity and Evolution
6. Our Environment
7. Management of Natural Resources

Note : Full Test syllabi will be combined syllabi of Part Tests – I & II