For Students of Class XI


(RSM) - Two Year Program for JEE Main & JEE Advanced, 2024


  • Comprehensive study material divided into Six Phases
  • Deep extensive coverage of theory to clear concepts to further build a solid foundation.
  • Extensive coverage of objective as well as subjective problems to ensure pattern proof preparation for JEE Papers.
  • Every Phase develops concepts through illustrations and exercises.
  • Solved examples are provided to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Graded levels of assignments as per the level of difficulty and pattern of JEE.
  • Phase Tests (similar to JEE pattern) on Online test Series platform.
  • Additional Set of Problems so as to develop problem-solving skills with respect to multi-concept problems.
  • Regular feedback to Students in form of performance evaluation.
  • Computer Based All India Integrated Test Series - The Iconic Test Series from FIITJEE which besides developing sound examination temperament, also gives an ideal platform to analyze relative performance among serious aspirants across the nation.
  • Dispatch is scheduled so as to give sufficient time to the Students to put his / her efforts to study.
  • RSM is now fortified with Online Test Series that helps Students to become proficient in their concepts and helps them with effective test analysis.

Testing pattern of JEE Main & JEE Advanced keeps on changing but the key aspect of the test is to judge the student’s analytical ability alongwith his / her core knowledge of the subjects.

In the quest for a seat with a good rank in JEE (Advanced) where about 11,000 of the entire science students of the country can be accommodated, only the deserving ones can make to the IITs irrespective of the testing pattern. In order to select the best, the level of difficulty would remain unchanged. Students having sound fundamental knowledge of subject will always outperform the students who are only confining their preparation to pattern rather than understanding the concepts. Since inception, FIITJEE has laid emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics Chemistry & Mathematics and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process. At FIITJEE you will find a very powerful system that can help you unfold your full potential systematically. What is required is total dedication and hard work.

Eligibility Criterion

Candidate must have secured minimum 75% in Class X (Science + Maths) from CBSE, ICSE, Andhra Pradesh, Anglo Indian, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamilnadu & West Bengal boards. Minimum 70% in X (Science + Maths) from other boards. Candidate must be appearing / have appeared in X Board in the year 2022.

Direct Admission to Students having qualified any stage of NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, Jr. Science Olympiad or JSTSE / SSTSE / MTSE / similar Talent Search Exam conducted by State Govt.

Note: In case of only Grade System in Boards, equivalent Grade Corresponding to eligibility criteria will be considered.

* Those Students who are not eligible on the basis of marks, but are qualified in any of our Admission Tests / Scholarship Tests are eligible to apply.

Fee of Rankers Study Material (RSM) - Two Year Program for JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2024 :

Last Date to Enrol Books Fee(in Rs) Computer Based
All India Integrated Test Series Fee(in Rs)

24/7 Accessible Online Test Series Fee(in Rs)
Total Fee payable
(in Rs)
5th Oct 2021 - 31st March 2022 14000 12000
(10169 + 1831 (18% GST))
(4068 + 732 (18% GST))
1st April - 31st May 2022 15000 12000
(10169 + 1831 (18% GST))
(4068 + 732 (18% GST))
1st June - 31st July 2022 16000 12000
(10169 + 1831 (18% GST))
(4068 + 732 (18% GST))
1st Aug - 30th Sep 2022 17000 12000
(10169 + 1831 (18% GST))
(4068 + 732 (18% GST))
1st Oct - 20th Nov 2022 18000 12000
(10169 + 1831 (18% GST))
(4068 + 732 (18% GST))

The first packet of Books (Phase-I Study Material) will be dispatched in April.

Note : Students of Junior Rankers Study Material will be entitled for 10% concession on Books Fee & Computer Based AITS Fee of Rankers Study Material Two Year Program for JEE Advanced.

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Scholarship Criterion - Rankers Study Material (RSM) Two Year Program
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